I am in my fifties, fit and active but have called upon James Marsh for Body Stress relief for a range of problems I have had, like back injuries, shoulder pain which radiated down my arm, running injuries [I have run 2 Marathons], elbow tendinitis and stress related headaches - it has been brilliant and very effective in getting me back in shape and with lasting results.


James is very skilled in his practice of BSR and also draws on his wide experience and knowledge of other therapies such as NLP, CBT, EFT and Hypnotherapy always with quiet deep listening, gentle respect and exquisite attention.


Helen Garrod

Occupational Therapist, NHS




James Marsh has been helping me with back and shoulder problems, bringing relief regularly as my stress level impact on my health. James’ approach is always holistic as he pays attention sensitively to reasons that may affect me physically and psychologically.  I would recommend James Marsh unreservedly for his caring attitude and for his broad understanding of well-being due to his many years of studies and experience.


Claude Jousselin, PhD  

Mental Health Manager, NHS 












I would not hesitate to recommend James as a mentor or coach.  He creates a safe space and speaks with openness and honesty.  He’s caring, supportive and compassionate and has a solid grounding in the 3 principles understanding of how life works.   James held the space for my often chaotic thinking to settle and, in between the words, somehow insights started to effortlessly emerge and old, limiting thinking started to fall away.  I found the coaching sessions with James truly insightful and valuable.




Shirley Climpson Three Principles Graduate, Essex England.






I had a wonderful opportunity to have three sessions with James. They were great! James has an amazing ability to listen very, very deeply and really connect with his clients. The primary topic we talked about was worry. I've had a worry habit for many years. It seemed like once one worry dissipated, another one cropped up to take its place ad infinitum (as well as ad nauseam!). After the second session with James, much of my worry simply dropped away. I'm still amazed at that. He didn't provide any diagnoses, prescriptions, homework, or any kind of "doing" at all. For some reason, our conversations simply resulted in far less worry on an ongoing basis. I highly recommend working with him.




Denise Hall from St. Louis, Missouri.  Three Principles Graduate.