The above techniques are very effective at negating the 'Fight Flight Freeze' response. This dampens down the Amygdala which is the part of the brain that responds to perceptions of emotions, memory and survival instincts. Otherwise, when experiencing chronic stress, your blood stream is flooded with adrenaline, blood sugars and cortisol. This controls/affects blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, blood acidity, adrenal, thyroid, immune and cognitive/intelligence  function. Is it any wonder that our mental, emotional and physical health are affected, disrupting  our sleep, digestive, reproductive and myriad other functions?  These manifest as stress and anxiety overload resulting in potential chronic conditions that can be life threatening.


I will guide you expertly and sensitively in these techniques until you achieve a degree of mastery and are  confident in your ability to monitor your  progress.


Emotional Freedom Technique is like acupuncture without the needles, clearing blocked negative emotions by 'tapping gently on specific points on the head/face and upper body' , whilst using empowering and enabling language  to remind yourself of your personal power and reinforcing your chosen message. EFT like Self Hypnosis is also good for pain management and is excellent for counteracting negative self talk.


Matrix Reimprinting evolved out of EFT and uses the power of your imagination (which, as Einstein said, is much more powerful than knowledge) to reimprint healing images, testing their efficacy until you are no longer affected by the Trauma/memory.


Hypnotherapy  uses the power of language to induce a dream-like state of consciousness  in which you are receptive to suggested solutions to perceived problems which can also trigger more ideas about self-healing from the power of your unconscious mind. It is important to realise that you are in total control of the suggestions offered and you can choose to accept them or not, knowing that you can change your mind at any time.