When ‘they’ took the the Psyche out of Psychology almost a hundreds years ago and focused on behaviour it spawned hundreds  of new theories and therapies producing inconsistent results, often competing and contradicting each other. What has been missing is the basic underlying Universal Principles that will unify the field of Psychology.


This is the missing link that I can guide you towards in your own time and in your own way.  Initially you may need support in dealing with overwhelm or whatever trauma you are experiencing. The techniques I employ are brilliant at this, by balancing the central nervous system and quieting the mind to achieve homeostasis. I usually do 90 minute one-to-one sessions, as I consider longer sessions more productive, [ I am open to longer or shorter sessions and follow up Skype/Zoom sessions depending on individuals diaries and our mutual availability] As a general rule a third of the time is spent on one or more of the techniques, especially the first three sessions, after which you will know if there is a need to continue using any technique.  The remaining hour of each session will be used to deeply listen to what's on your mind and further explore, explain and clarify the constant, predictive and reliable explanation of how we  experience life from moment to moment.


When a person starts to understand these Principles the techniques will ultimately become obsolete and you will know intuitively what you need to do, guided by your innate wisdom as your mind quietens, coming to the realisation how you function.

The Three Principles Paradigm provides an understanding about how all people psychologically experience life. 




Can be negotiated around our mutual availability and what your time and financial expectations are. This can involve early mornings late evenings weekends and public holidays, so total commitment is essential and can involve Skype/Zoom sessions. Couples and small business groups are welcome. Simple nutritious  pescatarian  vegetarian and vegan food can be included.