The one thing I have learned from my 30 plus years of practice is that what people need more than anything is a deep listening to - What I call giving someone exquisite attention.


When a persons biochemistry is disturbed and they are feeling overwhelmed, usually manifesting in anxiety/depression to varying degrees, the usual medical course of action is to prescribe anti anxiety/depressant medication, which may or may not be effective, this could be alongside a 'talking therapy.'


As a Body Mind Therapist and Wellbeing Facilitator and Coach I can offer an alternative to the above. I offer a wide range of powerful  techniques that are effective in their own right, creating the necessary environment for your mind and body to heal. These techniques will help to alleviate stress and enable you to think more calmly, clearly and creatively.


On the following pages I give further details and links to the various modalities I have been trained, qualified  and experienced in. I have grouped several of these techniques together on one page so you can investigate their individual and collective efficacy, as they overlap in their effectiveness, yet are equally powerful individually.


Ultimately you will not need any techniques to quieten your mind from worry and anxiety as you deepen your understanding in this new paradigm in psychology. In your own way and time, you will come to your own realisations as you reawaken to your true self


My overall purpose is to guide you into a deeper awareness of how you function.

As your mind quietens you will begin to have calm, considered and creative insights. As you go from recovery to discovery 'beyond therapy'  your resilience increases, enabling you to deal with  any experiences you encounter in an appropriately healthy way.


Having experienced my own psychological, physiological and physical health compromised at various stages of my life I have endeavoured to seek the necessary help and training to deepen my understanding. My continuing quest for answers has led me to study and qualify in this new paradigm in psychology. 


           I know this is the missing link I have been searching for


Each Body Mind Insight session lasts  90 minutes. This can include Body Stress Release and or other modalities as listed, depending on each persons individual needs. I am also happy working via Skype or Zoom.